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4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Most business owners nowadays know about search engine optimization and believe that it should be part of their marketing plan. Some hire professional firms, like vistacomm, to make SEO happen, while others read up on their own and take a DIY approach. Either way, there are several common mistakes that should be avoided.

Mistake #1: Failing To Research Keywords

Keywords are the specific search terms that a business wants to rank for in Google search results, and choosing the best keywords is somewhere between a science and an art. Failing to research keywords to find out what the competition is ranking for and what local users are searching for can lead to poor choices and wasted effort. SEO professionals make sure their clients are ranking for the keywords that lead directly to sales.


Mistake #2: Putting Too Much Emphasis On A Single Keyword

When creating website content, it's important to think about how that content will be useful to a potential customer and to incorporate multiple keywords. As Google continually fine-tunes its algorithm, it gets better at determining the intent behind a search and showing more relevant pages. Thus, content also needs to be relevant to the chosen keywords.

Mistake #3: Building A Non-Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, more than 80% of consumers use their mobile devices for online shopping at least some of the time, and about a third of all consumers use mobile devices exclusively for shopping. Consequently, optimizing a website for mobile users is a crucial element of SEO.

Mistake #4: Creating Content Without A Strategy

Some website owners who try to do their own SEO make the mistake of prioritizing quantity over quality. Churning out a daily blog post may seem like a great way to stay ahead of the competition, but in reality, content without strategy is likely to be a waste of time. Content should emerge from careful research on target audiences, customer profiles, and competitive keywords.

An SEO firm like vistacomm can help business owners avoid these common mistakes and get the most out of their SEO. To find a reliable SEO service, look for a firm that has been in business for awhile and provides information about past clients.